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Forgotten quest kiosk?

2020.12.06 01:27 krkdkdkkdkd Forgotten quest kiosk?

I just started playing destiny when beyond light came out and I heard about the forgotten guest kiosk. I was wondering if it was still a thing?
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2020.12.06 01:27 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Politics] - Michigan pastor facing backlash after encouraging churchgoers to purposefully get COVID-19 | The Hill

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2020.12.06 01:27 pleasantmuscle41 Tello would start sending T-Mobile sims starting 12/07/2020

Here is my conversation with the CS
Is Tmobile SIM coming yet? I am waiting to port some lines into Tello. Only T-Mobile works here. 19:13:10
Thank you for contacting our Support Team. 19:13:34
Hi Ramiro. 19:13:51
Hello Caiqing! 19:14:35
Hi. Any new info about the Tmobile migration? 19:14:52
Starting 12/07/202, Tello will switch to the T-Mobile Network 19:15:33
Really? So on 12/7 tello would start sending Tmobile sims? 19:16:21
Nice 19:16:36
Yes! So soon you will have the option to have service under T-Mobile 19:17:27
I have a few lines already with tello. Can i switch on the website for those lines? Or i need to wait for tello to send out the sims 19:18:13
In this case, we don't have a date for the migration 19:18:57
Cool. I would wait then. Lol 19:19:31
However, you will have the option to purchase a Tello SIM if you want to switch networks 19:19:33
For new lines? Ok 19:19:43
For old lines i need to wait then 19:19:50
Oh you mean for old lines, i can buy a new sim and it would be tmobile. 19:20:14
Cool 19:20:15
Yes, for new lines you will need to order a Tello SIM card, but for old lines, you will have the option to use the Sprint o T-mobile network 19:20:48
Cool. I don't mind paying for a new sim. 19:21:04
So yes, on Monday you can register your new line and have it working under T-Mobile 19:22:03
Cool. Awesome. Thanks a lot 19:22:17
For the info 19:22:22
It was my pleasure! 19:22:41
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2020.12.06 01:27 Gravoid PS4 and mobile crosssave

As a PS4 player, it hurts me so much not be able to link my account with PC and mobile.
As a person who travels frequently for work, carrying a PS4 everywhere is not an option.
Due to COVID, I'm staying a lot in home and I'm able to do the dailys, but that won't last forever, hopefully.
So, Mihoyo said something about allowing crossave with ps4? I know that maybe is not Mihoyo fault, but Sony's.
Is there any hope for us PS4 players?
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2020.12.06 01:27 lunarr-e Uh oh...

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2020.12.06 01:27 JWHY1975 YSK: Many public school teachers just skim through certain work before grading it. You only need to make it look good.

Why YSK: So much curriculum is handed down to teachers through the district office as mandatory to use in their instruction. Many teachers don't appreciate that therefore don't place too much weight or attention on said curriculum. If students knew this they would probably turn in more work, regardless of comprehension, therefore raising their grades. This does not apply to all assignments and there's the tricky part. But it won't take long to figure out which is which. I taught 13 years and in my experience this fact applies mostly to secondary school, not so much primary grades.
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2020.12.06 01:27 unfitaxis First month living out of my 09' santa fe, (thank you)

Okay, this is my first post in this community and if I'm being honest I've kind of been trying to think about what to say for the last several weeks. I still don't really know what the hell to say or how to say it. I don't want to be short, but I also don't want to drag this out super long. But I was sitting in the lobby of a hotel in Kalispell, MT today (who's owner graciously let me stay the night for free after a long conversation and talk about what I'm doing, my journey, photography, etc) and I just decided that now was as good a time as ever to sit down and actually write this out. So, here we fucking go ay!
I left ohio just over a month ago on oct 28th and started driving across the country. I've been living out of my 2009 hyundai santa fe, I took the back seats out and with the help of my amazing dad built a platform in the back for a bed (which has been super comfortable so far tbh). The only thing I knew when I left was that I wanted to take pictures and go as far north and as far west as I could, I've never been to the west coast and getting there is my "big" goal right now.
:sidenote, im listening to mt. joy, and possibly getting a little emotional writing this right now because reading this you obviously needed to know that.
So um, this has without a doubt been the best decision I've ever made. I went from having zero direction in life and spending most days working a job I didnt like in a city only like two hours away from where I grew up. To then go home and waste my time playing video games (csgo mostly lol, also nothing against video games but when it's just to escape reality then it becomes not good, for me anyway). To waking up literally every fucking day happy, excited, seeing new places and meeting new people everyday WHILE chasing my passion (photography) and seeing my self continue to get better at it. And to touch on the photography a little bit, I'm sure I'll plateau eventually, but the feeling of progression is beautiful.
As of now, I've spent several days in many different cities but have spent like a combined three weeks in Minot, ND and Great Falls, MT since I could doordash those places. I even spent a few days up in Dunseith, ND and got to see this amazing abandoned Sanatorium called San Haven! That was super fucking exciting for me. Anyway, I made it to the west side of montana three days ago and it is the most beautiful place I've been so far (like ever not just since I left), I'm absolutely in love with it.
I've taken thousands of pictures and met so many amazing people so far on this adventure and I'm just so fucking excited to see what's next. The owner of the hotel I mentioned above ^ is actually a new owner and said she really liked my work/style and was interested in having me take pictures of the area for her so that the hotel can have their own images!! (we should be meeting again Monday). That alone had me at like, a 100/10, it would be my first real photography job lol. Also!! The only freaking reason I walked in the hotel in the first place was to ask for a mechanic recommendation because I need (I think) a ball bearing replaced, so that was some crazy cosmic luck to me. So because of the reasons mentioned above ^ and the fact I can also doordash here I think I'm going to stay for a little while. But it is probably going to get rlly cold and I'll have to watch the weather, I also don't want to wait too long before starting south so we'll see what happens I guess.
But being this happy is incredible and beautiful and exciting, just the feeling of driving and listening to my music knowing I'm just going somewhere is wonderful (literally tearing up a tiny lil bit). I guess I just kind of wanted to come on here to say thank you, to everyone who makes this community what it is. I've been in it for a little while and watching from the side. And who knows, if this community wasn't here I very well might not be on the adventure I am now. So from the bottom of my heart thank you, thank you so so much. If anything hopefully this post can inspire someone else to take this chance. If you're anything like me it's worth it, I promise. I think I've dragged this out long enough lol.
I hope this finds whoever is reading it happy and well.
Thanks, a 19yo kid from ohio. (caleb)
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2020.12.06 01:27 j9r6f Suggested Reading

Hi. I'm a Socialist who is admittedly not very well-read on the subject. I've read The Communist Manifesto and that's pretty much it. I'm interested in both the revolutionary side and the economic side. What Socialist literature do you recommend?
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2020.12.06 01:27 jennythegalcd Just a lil cake to show you. Love u xoxo

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2020.12.06 01:27 Disentibot ¿Qué tal las clases del CONAMAT?

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2020.12.06 01:27 she_sus How to work your way into HR positions?

Hi, I was wondering what might be the best path to take towards working in the HR-related departments and what the requirements might be. If anyone who has been in these types of positions can offer insight i would appreciate it
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2020.12.06 01:27 Disentibot The "Y" and "LL" sounds in Mexican Spanish (question about linguistics)

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2020.12.06 01:27 OptionalObjectives I may have given a little too much thought to Deus Ex: A Criminal Past. But as the last piece of videogame content that we've had, I think it was worth the words.

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2020.12.06 01:27 ilovetomhanksalot Housing Budgies and cockatiels together

Any advice on housing budgies and cockatiels together? One of my budgies recently passed away leaving his buddy all alone. I’m considering getting a cockatiel to keep him company. Anyone have any experience with that?
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2020.12.06 01:27 InspirobotBot 06.12.2020 01:27:21

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2020.12.06 01:27 Disentibot Hola r/mexico, Como verifico si mi telefono (Telcel) esta redirigiendo las llamadas a un tercero?

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2020.12.06 01:27 TMacSauce1 DOORDASH: $10 OFF YOUR FIRST 3 ORDERS + FREE DELIVERY!

Only $15 minimum. You may need to copy the link text and paste it in your browser if you get an error message or if it takes you to Doordash.com without my sign up form
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2020.12.06 01:27 idontkn0wwhatt0d0 Massive lag only on MM?

Ever since the update, playing deathmatch or community servers I'm fine, but playing MM I spend most of my time at 100+ ping and the lag makes the game unplayable. Has anyone else experienced this, and any possible fixes? Thanks!
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2020.12.06 01:27 SnowWolf6774 Is LastPass still worth it?

Since LastPass was aquired by LogMeIn in 2015, and then LogMeIn was aquired by Private Equity Firm in 2019[1]. Can we consider LastPass to still be secure?
Seeing other open source password managers like Bitwarden and LessPass that seem more secure, is it worth switching over to them?
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2020.12.06 01:27 TweetArchiveBot David Begnaud RT from Ben Jacobs: Trump begins his rally by saying "we won Georgia." Joe Biden won Georgia.

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2020.12.06 01:27 soundslikecarl SLC53 Spinning Wheel (2020)

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2020.12.06 01:27 HighTyde5 [NA] Tier 4 Jg looking for clash team

IGN: Desaevio
Got a few trophies on the shelf, looking to add another
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2020.12.06 01:27 pjburns_2001 Level 100 Ice Gear

So, I've been snooping around online and a lot of people are saying that I should go for the Zeus Exalted Duel Frost Staff. I can't seem to wrap my head around this though because based on Malistaire's staff you lose 10 critical rating but gain 3 block rating. Could anyone explain to me why this is the better choice?
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2020.12.06 01:27 CaesarWolfman Where's Waldo? Where has he been? Why is he hiding?

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2020.12.06 01:27 brie_landon i love my aromatic plants!

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