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kureiji ollie in nutshell

2020.12.05 05:42 nxh251098 kureiji ollie in nutshell

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2020.12.05 05:42 Ssicard Devices showing No Response but controllable.

Hi, need your help with my home bridge. It has been working perfectly for a while but lately, all my devices does not respond in HomeKit. However, if I click on them, it will show the status correctly and I can even control the lights (turn on and off). I tried rebooting everything (even my network routeurs and switches), adding an AppleTV as a Hub, removing the home bridge hub from HomeKit, rebooting everything, reinitialize home bridge accessory, delete all caches, changing home bridge HomeKit number (ID) and name, upgraded to 1.2.3 (Originally had the issue with 1.1.6). Then added back the bridge in HomeKit, then it asked for the location of all 9 devices, and... same thing, no response! I do see all my devices successfully in Homebridge UI, I see their status and I can control them no problem. The issue is just in HomeKit app. Any other ideas?
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2020.12.05 05:42 septicnihil Which Tattoo Should I Choose?

Berserk is my whole life at the moment (and for a long time now) and I'm planning to get a tattoo. I have 2 in my mind and I've been thinking about getting them for the last 2 years. One is brand of sacrifice and if I get that, I'm planning to get it to my neck, just like Guts'. Also I have long hair so my hair will cover it up unless I want people to see it. It will not be big as you can see on another pictures, it will be around 4x4 or 4x5cm's. The other is the symbol of The Band of The Hawk, and I'm planning it to be right onto my chest' where my heart is. I have a condition and 2 of my mid-top ribs are more front-headed, if that makes any sense. Remember that I will make both of them, eventually. Right now I'm planning on getting only one of them.
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2020.12.05 05:42 hitormiss43 ITAP of a curious manatee

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2020.12.05 05:42 Southern_Chef420 I'm a bit scared to try nitrous again.

Hey guys, I'm just curious as to your insights into what I experienced the final time I did nitrous and what your opinion is. I would not read this if you're high, it's not nice to read about essentially bad trips and discomfort while you're a bit cooked. I value anyone's input and sorry for long post, will put TL;DR.
I quit nitrous maybe about 4 months ago or so, and I'd usually only be doing nitrous about once every 3 weeks. I would binge around 20-30 carts, then leave it for 3 weeks to let my mind recover. I loved saving it for LSD trips, but would also combine (still on that schedule) just with weed. I worked out that the experience is far more sustainable if you use a balloon to sip on the nitrous (catch your exhale) and spend most of your time inhaling oxygen.
The experience began to change for me. Once where nangs seemed to blast me off into a world unknown and full of euphoria, now began to bring me to mild dizziness, low euphoria and effects predictable even through drug combinations. I noticed this effect and decided to have an unusually long break of 6 weeks, to try again with LSD. On that trip, waiting until after the LSD peak, I inhaled a whippet and felt amused but not really euphoric at all, it truly felt like my brain was physically expanding. I dialed it up with a double whippit, during which I followed the drug-induced impulse thought-fixation pattern that was my consciousness and I felt the piece of me that's meant to feel good tail off and die. I continued spinning out gasping for air with a huge stinging behind my eyes, as if a big brain string snapped. It was like my brain stem was on fire and it really did feel like it came out of nowhere. Not the nicest thing to deal with on a solo LSD trip.
After stomping around the room for a bit the pain subsided after the nang wore off but a lingering effect was still there for a day or two after. Every time I now look at at the whippet machine, or whippets in general, a recreation of that feeling rolls through my head reminding me what it did to me that night and exactly how it hurt me. It is truly like my body is saying "DONT", not an experience I've ever had before. Even now, months later I just forcefully held the top of my head in my hands after reading what I recounted.
I ask for opinions here as it didn't feel like I was being irresponsible. I am curious what exactly happened to me and if any other bingers have felt these effects. I assume it has something to do with neurotoxicity and perhaps even necrosis (cells died). Or perhaps I hallucinated the whole thing to completely kick the habit. Maybe they were shitty carts and I was inhaling some other shit in there. Whatever happened, it really fucking hurt and I was genuinely concerned I would lose some part of my memory, personality, brain function etc. However months on from the experience now I can say that none of that really happened other than being scared straight. I've undergone some radical positive lifestyle shifts because of it, and am now hyper conscious when things feel like they're doing damage. It's kind of annoying though because now whenever I smoke, I can feel the damage being done to my lungs.
TL;DR I cooked myself and maybe gave myself neurotoxicity when I seriously felt like I was using it somewhat responsibly. I am now scared of nitrous but may never know if it was a true effect I felt. I want to return to the days of when it felt good, but perhaps akin to burning ones self out on MDMA, the magic is lost for me and nitrous. What is the proper route for recovery from now? My break continues, and probably will for another year.
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2020.12.05 05:42 lergath more tribal equipment, I am going to make a tribal set I think

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2020.12.05 05:42 japes2 Should I ask for a raise?

So I watch two kids for about ~35 hours a week. I make $500 a week. I help with schoolwork, do laundry (only wash, dry and lay out as the mom doesn’t like how I fold lol), dishes, grocery shop, make dinner when asked and general straightening. And of course, watch the kids. We limit electronic usage and play a lot of games and go for walks or go on little adventures, since I feel they are glued to their computers for school for a lot of the day. I take them to my house to play with my dogs, since they wish they had one. The kids adore me and I love them too. However, someone brought up that I am basically making minimum wage (albeit tax free) and should ask for more, but asking for more money has NEVER been something I feel comfortable doing. So I wanted opinions or advice! And if you think what I’m making is appropriate PLEASE tell me! I have been screwed over too many times by people and I just don’t know anymore. Thank you in advance(:
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2020.12.05 05:42 Loud-Neighborhood-33 Damnnn😍🍈🍈

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2020.12.05 05:42 Bearonomics6493 I Became Dampe In Graveyard Keeper

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2020.12.05 05:42 tarma00 [CA] Contingency Offer

I received a contingency offer letter from a company I have been interviewing with over the past two weeks with a job start date in the new year. The "contingent" part is that I pass the background check and my references meet their expectations. My background cleared yesterday, and all my references confirmed their conversations went well. I have never had a contingent offer before this, so I am not clear on the next steps. Do I just check a week prior to starting what's going on? Do they send a final letter? Or is there a possibility for rejection? Thanks.
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2020.12.05 05:42 TheOneBrainCellLeft STOP.

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2020.12.05 05:42 ISlashy Typical Kenshi K.O.

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2020.12.05 05:42 tensenukleus Bubble Club - Violet Morning Moon (Remix Dr Dunks)

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2020.12.05 05:42 __bort I’m my own Christmas Advant calendar of third trimester symptoms...

34+1 and every day is another symptom!
December 1 - back pain December 2- insomnia with restless legs December 3- nausea.. again.. December 4- hips in agony!
I wonder what’s behind the door for tomorrow... Good thing I bought myself a big box of chocolates.
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2020.12.05 05:42 duitf2 Lazy and spoiled rotten

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2020.12.05 05:42 MeridasAngel The Zubat Signal (Pokémon x Batman)

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2020.12.05 05:42 cmebgr8 Free poncho from Rock* and I like how it looks with the outfit I already had on!

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2020.12.05 05:42 Thawkey17 [XB1] H: A V/AIM/RW lmg and 2 TS/50V/ADR lever W: offers

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2020.12.05 05:42 StopSexualAssault Personal

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2020.12.05 05:42 Bearonomics6493 I Became Dampe In Graveyard Keeper

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2020.12.05 05:42 ApolloGH Can't even get past first step registering for WorkInTexas. Anyone else experience this?

I'm attempting to register for WorkInTexas, since the phrasing on TWC website seems to indicate that it's necessary for continuing receiving unemployment benefits. The first page of registration asks for some simple information: first/last name, SSN, and zip code. Regardless of whether or not I include my middle initial or use my current or previous zip code... every combination of information results in the same error:

"Some of the information you entered is incorrect.

Please check your entries to ensure they are correct.

If you need help, contact your Workforce Solutions Office."

So I've been alive long enough to know that my answers to these questions are correct. I would also really rather avoid spending hours on hold for a solution to a problem that I can't fathom is on my end. Has anyone else experienced a similar issue since work searches have been reinstated?
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2020.12.05 05:42 jackfood2 For android user

While waiting for minimotorways on STEAM, or you have played "minimetro", You may like to find out on the game "package inc" for android.
It is a game that somewhat similar between mini motorways and mini metro...
Hope this can kill your thirst for a moment.
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2020.12.05 05:42 USSR404 Glad to see my team represented. Owenu is on fire, but they should’ve used Damien Harris instead of owenu for the master...

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2020.12.05 05:42 Jp9022 Who’s down to play Cold War zombies ?? Pm me !!

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2020.12.05 05:42 Bearonomics6493 I Became Dampe In Graveyard Keeper

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